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Navigating the COVID-19 Landscape: A Positive Outlook for Infanta, Quezon

In the midst of the global challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the municipality of Infanta in the province of Quezon has demonstrated remarkable resilience and effectiveness in managing the situation.

A Community's Collective Achievement

The most encouraging aspect of the current statistics is the absence of active cases. A testament to the success of robust testing, contact tracing, and isolation strategies, Infanta currently reports zero active COVID-19 cases.

Celebrating Recoveries

Out of the 953 reported cases, a substantial 917 individuals have triumphed over the virus, showcasing the effectiveness of the healthcare system and the dedication of frontline workers. The high recovery rate reflects not just medical interventions but also the strong community spirit prevailing in Infanta.

Remembering Lives Lost

While any loss of life is mourned, the relatively low mortality rate of 36 out of 953 cases highlights the community's commitment to providing timely medical care. It also underscores the importance of continued efforts to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

Proactive Measures in Focus

The municipality's success in keeping the virus at bay can be attributed to proactive measures undertaken. From vaccination campaigns to robust public health awareness initiatives and strict adherence to safety protocols, Infanta has exemplified the power of collective action.

Barangay Confirmed Recovered Mortality
Abiawin 13
Agos-agos 19 1
Alitas 8 2
Amolongin 5 1
Anibong 20 3
Antikin 9 1
Bacong 5
Balobo 4 1
Bantilan 40 2
Banugao 23
Batican 27
Binonoan 28 3
Binulasan 27 2
Boboin 34 1
Catambungan 12
Cawaynin 8
Comon 59 2
Dinahican 30 2
Gumian 31 1
Ilog 22 1
Ingas 39
Langgas 6
Libjo 28 1
Lual 20
Magsaysay 3
Maypulot 1
Miswa 58 2
Pilaway 41 1
Pinaglapatan 16
Poblacion 1 46
Poblacion 38 48 3
Poblacion 39 78 3
Pulo 17
Silangan 31 3
Tongohin 56
Tudturan 5

A Community United

As we reflect on these positive developments, it's crucial to acknowledge the unwavering commitment and cooperation of every member of the community. Infanta stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to face a common challenge.

In Infanta, we've shown that even in the face of adversity, unity and determination can lead to triumph. Let's continue this journey together, ensuring a healthier and more resilient future for our beloved community.