Municipal Mayor

Archeology accounts that more than three hundred years ago, in the northern part of Quezon Province, a promising town called Binangonan del Ampon, now known as Infanta, was established. Today, it is declared as the great gateway to the Pacific.

As one of the oldest municipalities in the Philippines, history considers Infanta as among those last frontiers that fought for freedom and democracy. Lush with natural resources and sceneries, the great ancestors of Infanta have bequethed our present generation with legacy and culture that we Infantahins are very proud of -- the legacy of grandeur and valor. Through the years, Infanta is a testament of change andprogress

On 29 November 2004, a cataclysmic flashflood has left us with seemingly incurable grief, broken dreams and irredeemable situation. We lost most of our resources and grieved over the demise of our loved one and friends. But through all our hardships, grief, fears and devastation, OUR COMMUNITY STILL STANDS. Eight years had passed. Infanta is on the upswing again. Time has healed the wounds. The sun and the rain made the flowers bloom again. The farms and seas yield once more their bounty for the constituents of Infanta. The journey continues and our people, resilient and steadfast, carry on with much optimism and greater hope for the future of Infanta.

What makes Infanta a great municipality? Certainly our people makes Infanta a great municipality -- people with great faith in the Almighty, people bound by love for its cultural heritage, people united for the good of all. Further, Mother Nature has its stroke of blessing Infanta with its manifold of resources and idyllic sceneries.



Municipal Mayor